17 December 2008

Another Letter

Christmas 2006
My Dear Monsieur Dill,

Remember how two years ago we came here for "8 weeks"?  Just to help get things going at work? (and the lady at school dropped her jaw when I told her Divine wasn't going to school the whole time we were here?  That was funny.)
Remember how, as we drove away from our perfect house, you said this might be the last time you would see it?  (And I laughed.)
Remember how there were 6 of us, then, and Azure was the baby?
Well, here we are, celebrating our 3rd Christmas in the sunshine state.  
Perhaps it's time we build a sandman like the one above.
I love adventures with you.
There are many more ahead of us, I'm sure.
I think we're great.
Your love,


  1. Beautiful, Katy. Glad you and Monsieur Dill are having such an amazing adventure!


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