16 December 2008

Chestnut Chatterings

Setting:  Sunday evening, just snuggled down in bed with husband and a plate of freshly cooked chestnuts (generously sprinkled with some sea salt).  The first presidency fireside loaded on the computer and just beginning.  Children in bed and quiet.

In slinks Divine, pretending the the lights are so bright on her eyes.

Divine:  I can't sleep.

Ryan:  Why not?

Divine:  It's a little bit too loud and a little bit too quiet.

Me:  Hmm.

Motioned to join us in bed, Divine crawls in and now I have two warm bodies next to mine.

In tip-toes Pearl.

Pearl:  I'm having spooky dreams.

Skip conversation, go straight to motioning.  Pearl climbs in and plops right on top of Ryan.  We watch the fireside and comment on the choir's attire, ratio of girls to boys, the many Christmas trees and the soothing background of a lit fireplace.



  1. wish we were there snuggling and snacking on chestnuts with an open choir.

  2. Wish I could join your bliss! M

  3. Sounds like Divine found her "perfect in between".

  4. Katy--there's something on my blog for you!


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