19 December 2008

Can Your Baby Do This?

rolling back to belly
or belly to back

she's not yet ready 
and hasn't the knack

sliding here to there
or there to here

she has no interest
quite simply doesn't care

she will not sit up
she cannot chew food

refusing to talk
she won't even say "dude"

but this girl has talent
i kid you not

her tongue goes for miles
a talent (i'm sure) that is highly sought


  1. Holy cow! Clover's tongue is never ending!

  2. I cannot believe it. It just kept getting longer and longer! Now, that is talent!M

  3. Her Grampa can touch his nose with his tongue, but it looks like Clover can touch her eyebrows!

  4. Katy,
    She is so darling.
    Another thing...in response to your last post, I can't believe you look so GREAT after those beautiful five!

  5. Don't you know that whatever she wants to say IS right on the TIP of her tongue.

  6. Impressivo!! No, my baby cannot do that! Love the verse.

  7. Well, Sophie Rose cannot do that. That's for sure.

  8. I am Jordan's friend, Tasha, and I love peeking at her siblings' blogs, you are all so creative and make beautiful children! Case in point, the picture and the poem!

  9. my baby cannot do that either, but she does have an astounding knack for staying grouchy ALL DAY long.


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