09 December 2008

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Don't you worry about us, while you are over there in the place called Korea.  We are taking care of our little sister Clover just fine.  You can see that we are most angelic, even when there is tug-o-war going on with our Sunday dresses. We think you're the best. My mommy is even more grateful for you now that she has us.  She wonders how you did it with 6 kids, all the while staying so kind and happy (except for the fork in the table incident, which was completely understandable...but we can laugh about that now, can't we?)  Can we come visit?  We are very good at taking off our shoes, too, people wouldn't even suspect that we came from Florida.  We love you.  

Your Beloveds,
Divine, Pearl Estella, Olive, Azure, and Clover


  1. Dear Clover, Azure, Olive, Pearl Estella, and Divine. Love your Sunday Best pictures. We would love you to come visit!
    Love you lots!

  2. hmmm- you don't think anyone would look twice at five gorgeous toe-heads running around!

  3. Dear Beloveds,
    Oh, please come! This place called Korea would simply love to see such beautiful girls from America. Wouldn't we have fun! I am glad you are taking care of Clover. I am sure you are a big help to your mother, right? I miss you, Gramma

  4. PS Your mother forgot the dumping the drawer upside down incident.


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