07 December 2008

3 and me

so, you've missed me, haven't you?  i've missed me.  i'm not sure where i've gone.  we're just a bit discombobulated around here of late.  but it's always something, so that shouldn't matter, right?  but it does.  we have our tree up and decorated, at least.  want pictures?  the above took place last week with 3 out of 5.  one was sleeping.  one was not interested in a walk on the beach.  crazy girl.  the other 3 and me, we loved it (i know that was incorrect english, but i liked how it sounded).  nothing liking digging your toes into the sand.  really.  nothing.  it absorbs the worries right out of you.  if for an hour.


  1. Hope everything is alright.
    The beach has amazing powers, be glad you are so close to it.
    The girls are beautiful mermaids!

  2. The beach, the three and thee.
    Looks like fun at the beach!
    We have MISSED YOU!

  3. Yes! Missed you, missed you, missed you! Glad to see the three and where is the mom? Looks like lovely weather too!

  4. Yes, missed you were. Happy to have you back with three or five or however many are in tow at the time (:

  5. welcome back! I love Olive's dramatic pose. When do we get to see those pics of your Christmas decor?

  6. we feel quite the same way about toes in the sand. our worries stay gone a good few days though, not just an hour? perhaps the difference between florida sand and california sand?


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