10 December 2008

Have you...

been to lawtey, florida, pop. 673?  just driving through, we stopped to get some fresh pecans, local honey, and a few photos.  i know what you're thinking.....well, lawtey-dah!  (i had to.)
i love building scars

look at that peach juice just a drippin'

everyone should have one of these in their front yard

orange ya glad you know another flor-ee-duh hotspot?


  1. That black sheep needs some shearin'! Love those small town stops. We're new to that out here in NC.

  2. Katy- I was at Cost Plus the other day- dreaming I could buy a bunch of new christmas decor and I came across the coolest pickle ornaments. Now I know you have an orange Christmas but I couldnt help but think how darling these little dills would be on your tree. Maybe you could even paint them orange!

  3. Those are the best stops! Where were you going? Or coming?

  4. So, have far is Lawtey from you lady?

  5. I was going to Starke to pick up our ward order for some food (food storage items) that arrived. It's just about 45 minutes south-west of us.

  6. Great pictures! I do not think I have ever seen those things passing through before. And I promise I was doing the speed limit.


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