03 October 2008

just 6--no more

I thought I had millions, but had to enlist the help of Ryan to come up with my quirks (ironically, I could come up with his much more easily). 

1.  I won't use free pens and pencils.  I have also successfully convinced Ryan to do the same, much to the dismay of his co-workers.
2.  For the food snob I am, I don't mind (okay, ENJOY) an occasional hot dog. grilled. squishy-non-nutritive-white bun. ketchup. mustard. relish. sounds good, huh?
3.  I remove all stickers and labels, (I get this from my parents who are anti-logo--mom and dad, you'll be happy to know I have passed this on to my children as well).
4.  I arrange my cookbooks by color of their spine.
5.  I type words in my head.
6.  I am always buying scissors, safety pins, and needles.  (Even though we have plenty of each of them.)  Perhaps I just like sharp things, but I feel you can never have too many of said items.  

What are your 6 quirks?  Guantt?  Astorga?  Jones?  Anyone?

Jordan, this photo is my Halloween post for today, but I'm not sure if I can do something every single day this month


  1. We have the same quirk with labels & stickers. We refuse to buy something if it has its name plastered on it. Ava somehow picked it up too. She will find a label on anything and say, Mommy cut off!

  2. I like your needle collection.

  3. Some of the best writing pens I got for free. I think that is how we get the majority of our pens! And, besides the barcode sticker, what has stickers to take off? - I guess I have never noticed them

  4. What do you mean you type words in your head? Just randomly throughout the day? Or when you're trying to spell something? Strange Katy, strange! Quirks are great! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, we have created monsters. Too many of your quirks are mine! (I am obsessed with pens.)

  6. I air type with my toes when they are bored, which is most of the time. I am doing it right now.

  7. When reading your list all I could think was that of course that is a quirk of yours. You certainly would not be the Katy I know if you did not buy needles and safety pins at every opportunity and require nice fancy pens.

  8. i like the picture of your ghost friend. you never mentioned your house was haunted. she must be attracted to those quirks of yours.

    i shall start thinking of mine. i'm sure there are plenty.

  9. Katy,
    Good to hear from you today! I enjoyed reading your list... and find myself wanting more. Typing words? Do you use the same font? Do you bold the swear words? You know, the important stuff. Love your quirks.

  10. Oooh! I type words in my head, too. It's like reading one giant book all the time.

  11. I have never heard of anyone else who types/sees words in their head!!! People think I am bizarre when I try to explain it... When I learn someone's name I like to know how to spell it so that every time I think/remember/talk about them I am picturing it correctly in my head, otherwise I feel like I have to mentally go back and fix the mispelling. Maybe it's a creative/visual learner issue....?


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