08 October 2008

Conference Time

1=We start with Pecan Sticky Buns...the ne plus ultra of sticky bundom, according to Julia Child. Not only do you start with the best possible brioche dough, you fold as much butter between the layers of dough as you have already beaten into the dough.  Then you fill the buns with sugary pecans and  line the pans with caramel, sweet, gooey, and irresistible, so that when the buns are turned out the caramel lightly glazes their tops.  The technique of folding butter into the dough and giving the dough two turns, as you would puff pastry, enriches and already-rich doug and produces beautiful, buttery layers. 
These bear no resemblance to anything store-bought.  
Which is why we have them only twice a year (that, and they take two days to make)...at conference time, of course.

2=Color the general authorities' ties, and other such worksheets.  Divine enjoyed these the most.  She labeled her Conference folder on one side "Finished Work" and the other "Need to finish".  What a student.

3=Secretly painting toenails (miraculously nowhere else!) orange while everyone else enjoys Conference....which is why it was suspiciously quiet.


  1. I believe we had those same tie coloring conference packets! We also had a quiet orange incident...on our wall! Your daughers are darling!

  2. I could use one of your sticky buns right now. The MTC Cafeteria just isn't delicious.

  3. Sounds like a memorable conference weekend. And oh those sticky buns. I could use some good food about now!

  4. Looks and sounds like you have a VERY talented painter.

  5. ah! i wish i would have thought about nail polish for my kids! i wonder, does it work for boys too?

    it would have been nice to enjoy conference without frequent interruptions.

  6. Where would I go about getting that recipe??? Those look DIVINE!! (Pun intended!!) I have been craving something sweet and those look absolutely delicious!

  7. Love, love, love the toenails. Sounds like my house...minus the yummy sticky buns.


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