14 October 2008

Day O' Fun!

Occasion: No School
Original Plan: Disney World
Plan Change: Our undivided attention for the whole day (and no lines)
Attire: Jammies & Messy Hair (oh, and Ryan wore my Portuguese Mama apron.  It was very cute.) 

Ryan took the day off work, we began our day with Overnight Waffles (aka yeast waffles) topped with berries and homemade canister whipped cream.  Next came a movie in bed with EVERYONE.  Play-doh followed, then lunch, paper dolls, and a lite brite (from when Ryan was a little boy!) We had a finger food dinner and a fun family home evening I got from my good friend, Melissa, here.
It was a lot of work, energy (one of those times when you tell yourself not to lay or even sit down or you will never get back up), and I'm glad they're back in school, but it was fun and definitely worth it.  Better than Disney world.  I should probably finish cleaning up now.


  1. I'm not an invited reader to Melissa's blog and i want to know how to make the ice cream! It looks SOOOOOO yum! What a fun day, definitely more fun than standing in line.

  2. I forgot she has a private blog. Here it is:

    1/2 cup half and half
    1 tablespoon sugar
    1/4 teaspoon vanilla
    1 zip lock sandwich baggie
    1 zip lock gallon baggie
    3 cups ice
    1/3 cup rock salt
    (This is for one person)
    In the small baggie, combine half and half, sugar, and vanilla. Seal. In the big baggie combine ice and salt. Place the small baggie in the big baggie and seal. Next, you shake and squish your baggie until ice cream!

    *I think we might add some cocoa powder next time to make it chocolate....or pureed raspberries...or some pumpkin pie filling...the options are endless!

  3. HEY!! I recognize that blanket!! How cute is that! What a fun day...we often have "jammie days" here when we don't have other things going on. We just lay around and watch movies together and pop popcorn and make cookies together and I let my girls help me in the kitchen. I gotta start them young you know? Anyway, I love the pics!! And I have made that ice cream before and it is FABULOUS!

  4. SOOO much better than Disney World! They will always remember making their own icecream! Very cool. I love your photography. Mom

  5. So fun! We will try the ice cream!
    You have a gorgeous family.

  6. Yeah! I am so glad that you tried making the ice cream - it is delicious, isn't it? I don't know about the cocoa powder, but the other mixins sound fun!


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