16 October 2008

Teacher Appreciation

Mrs. Lyle, Mrs. Chambers, and Mrs. Higginbotham (yes, you can imagine how much fun the kids have with that one) joined us last night for our annual Teacher Appreciation dinner.  My parents started this whilst we were in grade school.  We loved it.  That one on one with their beloved teacher, showing them their bedroom (which was cleaned without any argument from the littles, as they wouldn't dream of showing them how messy they really are), and the chance to sit next to them all evening, chatting about the pumpkin patch field trip, or the fun plans to decorate the classroom door for homecoming, or how cute they look in their church clothes (something besides a uniform.)  The menu: cream of pumpkin soup (although Pearl lamented I COOKED the pumpkin of which she was so fond--luckily her field trip happens to be today which will provide her with a new one), baked brie, freshly baked kalamata olive bread, wild salmon, petite haricot verts with hoisin sauce, honeydew dripped with lime juice and toasted coconut, topped off with chocolate sour cream cake swimming in raspberry sauce. 

Clover fussed a bit then fell asleep in the arms of Ryan.
Azure climbed on Mrs. Chamber's lap to be read the BOO! book.
Olive was proud to show everyone her shiny faucet she so diligently cleaned.
Pearl paraded around the art room (announcing this was where art was done!) displaying her many masterpieces.
Divine wanted to show off Clover's birth announcement which she helped me assemble, explaining that it was like a packet of seeds.
We are grateful for teachers who care, as they do exactly that for D & P most of the day.  It is peace of mind to know they are in good hands.


  1. What a great idea. I love it.

  2. We are working up the energy for our TA night. And we only have one T. Love your menu!! I just may steal it!

  3. What a memorable evening for the parent, teacher and student! Your kids will always remember "the night my teacher came". Your menu sounded heavenly.

  4. Katy! So impressive! What a charming tradition for you to take from your awesome parents. The menu sounded scrumptious - lucky teachers!

  5. I loved the announcement you sent us of Clover. That was such a cute idea. Are they really clover seeds?

  6. Sydney promptly took the package out back and planted the seeds:) Then periodically picks up the picture and says, this is a cute picture of us. Why are there five girls in it? Oh, it's the Dills. I lauhged the first time so now she does it a lot.


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