10 October 2008

Make good things happen

was a motto my grandma Mary Deane's family had.  It's a great motto, but it's an even better quality to have.  Instead of waiting for someone else to plan a memorable experience, make good things happen. Ryan is one of the best event coordinators around.  He has great foresight and is able to plan and execute, instead of hoping something will happen or someone will do it. It's great big mound of fun to be married to someone like this.  Thank you, Monsieur Dill! 


  1. Yes, Ryan is a good thing that happened! Whoopee! I love Ryan!

  2. Monsier? Are you two going to Paris?

  3. I wish. We'll invite you when we go.

  4. Hi Katy. I didn't get an email from you, but wanted to again establish contact. If you want to get started on a banner (photos can certainly be included, provided Ashley's okay with it; I don't know what kind of an agreement you have), email me: meganromo@gmail.com.

    Be well!


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