28 September 2008

3 Months Old

blessing dress made from the same fabric I made my wedding dress

wrapped in a blanket made by the hands of her grandma great(not pictured)
held by hands of those with authority
given a name symbolic of nature's beauty and freshness
blessed with gifts from God
surrounded by loved ones


  1. Katy--so sad not to be there! But happy to Clover given a name and blessing. I love the dress.

  2. Beautiful Clover, beautiful dress, beautiful sentiments.
    Wish we could have been there!
    Love, Grampa

  3. Wow, what a beautiful family! And look at all those girls!

    Ryan, you are a lucky man! :)

  4. Three months old already?! She is beautiful, as are your other sweet girls. I love how the girls are covered in stickers for the big event.

  5. So sad to have missed it! What a little beauty all dressed and blessed in white!

  6. You have a beautiful, beautiful family. Sounds like a perfect day for your 5th precious girl. FIVE GIRLS! You are so very blessed. I love the family photo with you in that gorgeous orange skirt!

  7. You two eyeing each other on the front porch made me really homesick. The colorful paint job is no more...

  8. What a beautiful family! I am sure all of the outfits were carefully hand made - even Ryan's suit :) - with love and care. You are so amazing! What a wonderful day!

  9. Wow...I cant belive it has been 3 months!!!

    It seems like you were just in labor like 2 weeks ago!!!



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