24 September 2008

happy harvesting to me

I think the little red hen was completely justified in enjoying her harvest of corn, because, after all, she did all the work while everyone else around her played.  Right?

Of course I would love to share my green beans with my dad who assembled my box garden, but he is preparing to go to Korea and, frankly, there just aren't enough to share.  So, this just might be my post-children-bedtime-snack. Ryan, you can have one or two after I've steamed them a bit, added a lick of olive oil and pinch of that Kosher salt sitting on the stove. Maybe.


  1. How did you the box garden? We are still renting so I have never been able to have a garden. All your talk of fresh home grown veggies is making me very jealous. I have toyed with the idea of using large planters, but have never dared to try it.
    Those green beans look delicious!

  2. You deserve it. Buen provecho!

  3. You've bean working hard in your garden.
    I don't carrot all that you ate them all by yourself.
    Lettuce be realistic, there's only enough for one.
    It sure beets store bought.!
    The garden pundit

  4. Fresh green beans, right from the garden, have been the only thing really seeing me through this first trimester... well ... that and pumpkin taffies. I can't get enough of them.


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