07 May 2008


This was outside a Japanese Grocery Store, enjoying yogurt soda, wearing 
their "Fancy Nancy" headbands they made at the downtown library book fair earlier that day

Kids say funny things all the time.  Sometimes I remember the ones my kids say long enough to tell Ryan when he gets home from work at the end of the day, and even more rarely do I remember them long enough to write down.  Of course I always think, "Oh, I'll remember that," and then, of course I don't.  So, here are a few funnies I've managed to hold on long enough to document, then they will leave my brain.  Actually, this time around, they're just Pearlisms.

We took Divine to her swim lesson and finished at dinner time, so I thought I'd pick up some tacos for dinner.  Sitting in the drive-thru, Pearl asked if we could go inside (what is it about kids wanting to eat in the restaurant?) and I said no.  "Because there are too many of us, and you need two adults?" she asked.  I laughed and said yes.  Two seconds pass when she says, "Oh, man! When there are five of us we'll never get to go anywhere!"  

Driving past an army recruiting establishment, we stopped to allow a man in his camouflage attire to cross in front of us.  Pearl exclaimed, excitedly, "Look at that man!  He looks like a rock!  He's camouflaged like a rock!"  Good job, United States army, you've done well designing their uniforms.


  1. Love that Pearl and her 'pearlisms"
    She is of great price!

  2. She's a smart one, with a vocabulary!

  3. I love looking at your blog. You make me want to be a better Mom! Hope you have a great Mothers day!
    Becky Corry's family and mine...are going down to Destin in Aug. I have now idea where that is compared to where you guys are but if your close maybe can can get together.

  4. Your girls are getting so big! I love hearing what they have to say!

  5. cute! i need to be better at documenting the things kids say!!! your girls are DARLING!

  6. Katy, you are a champion mother. Here I am ho-humming about adding a third child to the mix while you are not only adding a fifth but doing a fine job with the four you have. I cannot wait to find out who you will be raising next. I have told Megan she needs to let me know immediately.

  7. I wish you guys still lived here! Sydney and Pearl would be so funny together. Then we could empathize with each other about thier mostly wonderful but sometimes frustrating mood swings. Tonight Sydney was screaming bloody murder about going to bed, so I was waiting outside her door for her to calm down so I could tuck her in. When she realized I was out there, she stuck her little hand underneath the door to touch mine and stopped crying. Then we looked under the door at each other and she cracked up. You've got to love those second children! (I know this blog is not about me but I wanted to share).


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