02 May 2008

Une fille? Un garcon?

Today just thoughts.  No, Jordan, my kids haven't been sick.  That is not the reason for my lengthy absence from my blog.  Just life.  I have someone (who is happily head-down) kicking my right ribs quite regularly.  I poke back just for fun, amazed that these little movements will all-too-soon be in my arms.  People tell me, "Good for you" when I answer their inquiries about what the baby will be, "We're waiting until it gets here."  I toggle in my mind back and forth.  The practical side of me thinks a girl would be convenient, further justifying purchases of clothing that I know will get utilized.  We know (or is it just we think we know) about girls.  A boy would be puzzling to me:  different parts, clothes, toys, emotions, and altogether innate qualities.  Even little Olive oohs and ahhs about the little onesies I purchased the other day.  I know I will not get that from a little boy.  But then I think about the lack of drama a boy might provide, for there is much around here, enough, and I know will only intensify as will the need to be in front of the mirror and other such "girlie" things.  No names solidified, despite my pleadings (yes, I sometimes add to the drama).  

Divine and Pearl want a brother because they are "tired of playing with girls."  Poor children! Olive wants a sister--she's probably our girliest girl.  Azure will be blind-sided--really, poor child.

Would a boy sit, content, reading books, asking questions about every little illustration?


  1. Boy or girl you'll adjust and love him or her. Number 5 is a rare number in a family and you will never regret bringing that baby into your home.
    Thank you for your sacrifice and willingness to multiply!

  2. Katy,

    Little boys love stories just as little girls do. My boys sat for hours listening to stories.

    They bring joy in other things they discover..worms, snakes, large fish, etc. You will love a boy equally and enjoy his exploring spirit.


  3. Just another Dill baby is all I want. Lucky kid!

  4. Seth is more interrogative than Lucy--age, birth order? Who knows? But, little boys can add their own dose of drama--believe me!

  5. My boy doesn't sit and read books for hours, that's for sure. But he does other things, like drive cars for hours. And he notices all the different cars that family and friends drive and can point similar models out when he sees them.
    I really wonder what it would be like to have a girl...just so different I hear!
    I'm excited for you!

  6. ok, i hope you get a boy! girls are tough. dont know how you do it with 4!!! you need a break! ;)
    my mom had 4 girls, then a boy then a girl! maybe you will be like that! i cant believe you are waiting to find out!

  7. I am so excited for you! I hear you on the "less drama for a boy part." I don't know how you handle four girls! My two are emotional enough for me! :) I can't wait to find out!


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