14 October 2007

This week.  The first smell of Autumn.  So, I did what any true New Mexican would do.  I roasted peppers.  Oh!  I wish there was a click 'n sniff button on your computer to allow you to fully appreciate what this entails.  The scent of roasting peppers is exotic and rich.  In New Mexico, done en mass, "they" have giant rotating roasters, with pepper ashes dreamily drifting through the sky.  It is a smell from my childhood.  My mom loves the smell, too.  Once, as though I commited a cardinal sin, I was mildly repremanded for washing the pepper off after skinning it.  "And save all that good juice!" came next.  Which I did, mom.  See above.

1-Broil peppers, rotating so all sides blacken
2-Wrap in bag, foil, or paper towel to steam the skins
3-Remove skins, seeds, stems and discard (but save all that good juice!)
4-Serve on top of pasta, in a grilled cheese sandwich, pureed in a sauce, or freeze for future pepperless times



  1. Mmmmm...Katy looks yummy! At our house, we are making Gazpacho this week.

  2. I love gazpacho! Add some good toasted cheese bread and that's a perfect meal.

  3. I can practically smell those peppers. My children love peppers and eat them up like candy roasted, raw or pureed. I personally enjoy them when they are roasted and wish there were an air freshener with roasted pepper smell to keep it in the house all year long. Yummmmmmmmy!

  4. Good job, Katy! I don't know of a better smell. We roasted some peppers yesterday and Craig said that smell will always remind him of this house. Good memories.

  5. Okay you guys...I'm such a non-cook. What do you do with these peppers after roasting them.

    Yes, I know I'm totally inadequate as a gourmet! Please don't die laughing.


  6. Claudette-see step #4. Just throw them in anything that sounds yummy--even on top of an english muffin with a bit of melted cheese.

  7. kitchen girl,
    you strike me as the right person to ask for a good recipe for asparagus, chicken stuffed crepes. and if you don't have one, you prolly know someone who does. I am a-searching.

  8. I made a yummy tapenade with our roasted peppers adding some roasted garlic, olive oil and carmelized onions. It was yum!

  9. I can smell it now. Yum yum.

  10. Jennifer,
    Crepe recipe:
    1 C flour
    2/3 C cold water
    2/3 C cold milk
    3 eggs
    1/4 tsp salt
    3 T melted butter
    BLEND. Let rest for at least 30 min. (put in fridge if longer.)

    As for the filling, just use some cooked chicken (shred). Roast asparagus in oven with a bit of olive oil. As crepe is cooking, grate some parmesan on top, add chicken, asparagus, caramelized onions, tomatoes, (roasted peppers :) sprinkling of S&P, roll and slide onto plate. Yum. I also use peppered turkey instead of chicken and add some oregano. We had that tonight.


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