17 October 2007

How Lucky Am I?

Of course, I know it's certainly not luck that these cute girls were given to us--blessed is more accurate. (But really. How lucky am I?)


  1. I see you too are sporting summer dresses and short sleeves still!

    You're super lucky, by the way!

  2. SOOOOO Blessed! What a bunch of cuties!

  3. it was me. i guess with a name like jennifer i should have specified.
    if my name was slade, i wouldn't need to worry about that. None of your kids will ever need to use their last name. that is a great thing.

  4. You are very blessed and so are they to have you and Ryan!

  5. Oh my sweet precious Katy, you are indeed blessed. Because of you and my sweet son, I too am blessed with my those adorable children.


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