12 October 2007


All names from Monday's comments (except for mine, although Ryan said he wanted to leave a comment so he could put his name in) were placed in a drawing this morning and Pearl was kind enough to allow me to interrupt "Lady and the Tramp" to draw one of these names.....and the winner is......JAYNE! You are going to wonder why you ever used any other grater!

Features I enjoy:

+TWO containers
+TWO lids
+TWO grater sizes
+Rubber traction on the bottom
+Dishwasher safe (we've had ours since we've been married and it has never rusted)
+The cheese drops nicely into the container without getting all squished into one clump
+Grate too much? Just put the lid on it and in the fridge

Features I don't enjoy:

-They come from IKEA and we don't have one of those here.

Congratulations Jayne! Email me your address so I can get this off to you! Thank you, kind readers, for participating in my first giveaway!


  1. Katy, I love it too! It is sooo convenient!

  2. I love mine, also.

  3. Lucky Jayne! She and I are going to a n antique extravaganza tonight so I will make sure she knows she won.
    That is such a fun idea to hold a drawing, you should do another but give away your three most favorite recipes. I would enter as many times as I could.
    Now that IKEA is just a short 5 minutes from my house I am going to have to get me one of those graters.

  4. What? I won? I never win anything!! I'm so excited! I don't have one of those awesome cheese graters either! Thanks Katy!

    My email is jayniewells@yahoo.com

    By the way, I've had such a delightful time looking at all of your family's blogs, what a great family to belong to--I'm so glad I know you!


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