04 October 2007

Joy School

Apparently, Florida is BIG into preschool. So much so that the state will actually pay for it.
A few of us, who are not quite ready to (entirely) release our grasp on our littles, have gotten together to have a rotating preschool of sorts, called
Joy School, with the curriculum put together by the Eyres, teaching values, character, and simply the joy of being a child. The kids enjoy it and it's a nice break (unless it's your week) for the moms.  We do the calendar and weather each day we meet, and the weekly subject changes in addition to learning letters, colors, and shapes.  This week's subject was SPONTANEOUS DELIGHT!  Basically, it was a week of giggles, including frog hunting, pretending to be popcorn, and drawing with dad's shaving cream.  Next week is the Beauties of Earth.  Don't you kind of wish your school was like this?


  1. How nice that both Olive and Pearl can participate. Sounds like pure Joy!

  2. My school is like that. I just squished box elder bugs and ate a pink otter pop and received joy from both!

  3. The perfect school--especially the teachers.

  4. Dad, I like your comment. Can I come to your school? Except I don't want to squish bugs.

  5. So, dad, was it a REAL otter pop, or store brand, because I think there's a big difference. You can't get anything past my kids when it comes to food. Divine even likes a certain peanut butter brand.

  6. Hi Katy,
    This is Matisse Clyde Madden.
    I hope it is okay that I discovered your blog. Your family is so beautiful! I miss you. Do you know if Melissa Davis has a blog? Love Ya!

  7. what a following you now have with your blog, katy!

    we have a similar preschool group going on here, only we don't seem to have very interesting themes. give me activity ideas.

  8. Matisse!

    So fun to hear from you! Melissa does not have a blog (at least not since I spoke to her last.) Good to know we have more friends on the east coast!

  9. Jennifer,
    You should look into joining Joy School (click on the link). You can split the fee between all the moms. They break down the 2 1/2 hours into 5 and 10 minute time slots with the activities planned out--all you have to do is the prep work for some of the activities. I think you would really find it well done and useful.


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