07 October 2007

We Have Feasted

A weekend enjoyed but twice a year. Ryan prepared whole wheat blueberry pancakes, which we took our time to enjoy. With nowhere we have to go, and the first session of General Conference starting at noon, we can eat them blueberry by blueberry if we so desire. But, our true feasting came in the form of the spiritual. Not only did we feast, but we were nourished. I was surprised how much of Conference we were able to enjoy with 4 littles running (or crawling-yes, Azure is not walking yet) around. Our DVD and Ensign will still be very much anticipated so we can then digest what we were fed. Wanting to be a better mother, wife, and "saint", those words will be read and watched and read and watched by someone here. I find them a source of peace and true nourishment for my soul.


  1. It truly nourishes the soul, doesn't it? I too am looking forward to really reading those words with a closer eye and ear. Love you so,

  2. I loved conference too..and what an added bonus to have such a nice breakfast. The relief society was really pushing our role as mothers this year...someone must have known I needed it:) Hope you are doing well.

  3. I enjoy Conference for the same reasons. We (your mom and I, Ann and Brendon, Ashley and Brian) attended at the Conference Center on the main floor--making it extra good. We ate at Cafe Trio following. Then Jacob and Ben joined us for the Priesthood Session (missed having Ryan with us) and Marguerita pizza after.


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