03 October 2007

Jam, Shells, and Floods, Oh My!!

So this must be one of the simplest ways to feel like a genuine homemaker. Throw some ripe strawberries in the food processor, throw some sugar on them and then the pectin syrup. (You must be good at throwing, though.) The littles and papa love it and there is a huge sense of achievement upon opening your freezer door to see those jars of goodness staring back.

Our post beach activity. I mean, really, what is one to do with bags and bags of collected sea paraphernalia? So we decided to give them a coat of paint..or two..or three..or..you get the point. They turned out lovely. Thank you Atlantic.

And, finally, the rains came down and the floods went up here in Jacksonville. (The view from our driveway). Okay, so I'm a bit dramatic, though during the night we really expected to see water seeping in to soggify our place of residence. We allowed tardiness to work and school to enjoy a morning without rain and a family breakfast.


  1. That's the South for you. I remember coming out of the Tidewater Building (appropriate name at times) when I worked downtown in NOLA and having to take my shoes off and hitch my slacks up to walk to the car where Craig was waiting to pick me up. Keeps life interesting--just as long as it DOESN'T seep "into the residence". Those shells saw great improvement at your girls' hands and...pass the jam please!

  2. Yes Katy I am back and blogging again and I have had a very enjoyable morning catching up on your blog so this will be a long comment:
    I love your jack-o-lantern watermelons!
    I love your 100 list - it's amazing how many things we have in common: sewing, cooking, watching the kids sleep, and a dream of attending the CIA. Though you're talents seem to come to you effortlessly while I have spent my whole life trying to sew like you (I still remember your Sr. Dinner Dance Dress - gorgeous)
    I will remember your friend Courtney in our prayers.
    I made homemade raspberry jam and yes I felt like a true homemaker.
    We paint rocks at our house but we would love to do seashells.

  3. Have you read French Lessons by Peter Mayle? It is one of my favorite food books. Some of the food in it sounds a little suspicious to me but his love for food really makes the book a great read!

  4. Sounds like the Dills are having very eventful days! Sounds so fun!

  5. looks like you brought the ocean home with you!

  6. Well...at least on the 4th floor we didn't have to worry!

    Miss you and the view!

  7. Yum on the jam and I can feel my hair curling as we speak!

  8. My favorite shell is Pearl's blue, green, red and yellow one.


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