25 September 2007

Meet Courtney

This is Courtney. She has 4 beautiful children and a loving husband.  She must be one of the most selfless people on this earth. She was also just diagnosed with leukemia.

We met Courtney, Todd and their 3 girls (she was expecting number 4--a boy--at the time) when we moved to Trophy Club, Texas. She's the kind of friend who brings fresh, organic produce from the farmer's market over, because, well, they just had too much. She's the kind of friend who picks up my 3 girls after I had a D&C post baby number 4, just to give me some peace and quiet. She's the kind of friend who does my laundry because the movers came earlier than expected and disconnected the washer and dryer, and then gives us a gift certificate to a restaurant because we are living in a hotel. You are blessed if you are able to know Courtney. She embodies kindness. Those near a temple, please put her name on the prayer role. Those not, please keep her in your personal prayers. She is strong.  She is a mother to 4 littles.  She is a wonderful wife.  She is an invaluable friend.  She deserves a miracle.


  1. Brendon and I are going to the temple tomorrow. We'll put her name on the prayer roll in the temple and in our personal prayers. What a neat friend to have.

  2. So glad you posted on Courtney's blog. We have missed you and wondered how you were doing. Azure is so big! I love the pictures of Pearl pouting behind the leaf. She and Sydney are so much the same, that whole birth order thing I think. Take care!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Courtney. Friends like that don't come along often enough. She is in our prayers.

  4. oh that makes me so sad! We'll definitely keep her in our prayers.

  5. You described Courtney perfectly! It brought tearrs to my eyes. I hope you don't mind I copied your blog to my page...so I could check in every once and a while:)
    P.S. I love those beach pictures of your family...you are all so gorgeous!

  6. i doubt you remember me, but we were in the trophy club ward together. i am summer medrano. i am so glad you said such sweet things about courtney. i am glad to see you are doing well. your babies are so sweet. chris will be so happy to know you guys are doing great.

  7. Katy,
    Thank you so much for your post about Courtney.... It was very thoughtful of you... We are all rooting for her. I know she is going to be able to endure through this!

    I am so excited to see your blog and see how much your girls have grown. I have wondered how Florida has been for you.. Much different scenery than Texas for sure. I hope you are enjoying yourself. (from the pictures it looks like you are.) Drop me a line and we can chat.. I am glad to find you again

  8. courtney is so optimistic it is great to have her as a friend she has so much faith I would like to say that melissa and michelle are much like courtney and I know she appreciates the service they are giving her children while she is getting better. these three ladies are great friends and it is hard to come by so thank you.

  9. Kelly & Barb Flynn
    South Sioux City, Nebraska

    Courtney and Todd..your strength and faith is tremendous!! We pray for you daily at a distance. We truely believe in angels....and you have the best...with Todd's dad who saved so many people from pain as an anesthesiologist....he was so proud of you both!! Remember he still is with you every second. We are so proud of Todd and Courtney and we're so glad you have a strong faith that somehow has a way of pulling us all together!!
    Love...Your uncle Kelly and aunt Barb :>

  10. katy!
    i was glad to find your blog. your tribute to courtney was right on! she is SOO that girl - always helping others and always listening! i hope you are liking florida, and i hope you are finding lots of opportunities to play your harp! of course, your family is adorable, and i will have to peek in on you again!
    -emily robinson

  11. We will pray for Courtney and her family.


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