25 September 2007

Dill Days (minus one)

You would think having 3 boys would ensure the family name would get passed on. You would think. But a generation later, there are 5 granddaughters. Papa Thom (the minus one) doesn't mind, he says. He has two sisters, no brothers. He has 3 sons, no daughters. They say it is up to us. I say, hmmmm.

Michelle, Steve, and McKenzie joined us from the land of Arizona, Matt from Utah and, well, Claudette has been here for the summer. We have enjoyed dinners out, late evenings in, and the rest of the time in water of some sort. A trip down to the oldest city in the U.S. was included just so we could say we did some sort of site seeing. Pearl has taken a liking to her Uncle Steve (perhaps it is their shared birth order number.) Steve and Michelle celebrated 8 years of marriage while here, and we celebrated time together as a family, which may not happen for many more years. Thanks for coming Dills.
The Dills

Steve (Ryan's brother) and McKenzie

Matt (Ryan's oldest brother) with Azure


  1. How fun! My favorite was Olive's face in the first picture.

  2. fun to see the Dill dept. looking very photogenic on the beach in summer whites.

  3. You guys look so great! What fun you must have had. Tell Claudette she looks terrific! That beach life has agreed with her.

  4. Love the photos. Growing up by the beach, I am partial to beach photos dressed in white. Beautiful family!

  5. Those are beautiful pictures of everyone. I love the beach.

  6. wonderful pictures, katy. i have missed your blog these computerless days of mine.
    we know about the grand-daughter situation you're talking about. my mom collects them. so far, she has 9 and only 2 grand sons.
    still, no one should complain about this sort of 'problem'. there is something special about little girls, especially those in pretty white dresses.


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