13 September 2007

Dear Pearl

This morning, during breakfast, Pearl happened to be sitting by herself. She began singing (as she often does)this song from Primary, but was making it applicable to her life, of late.

"Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green? You don't poo-poo in your panties, or pee-pee, or have accidents, or bite, except you can bite daddy, but not mommy, or Olive, or Divine, or Azure...."  

I'm afraid I tend to heavily focus on the do-nots to my kids.  I think she's picked it up.  How about, Pearl, spending the entire summer at the beach, playing in the sand with mommy and your sisters, learning how to swim, going on the merry-go-round not once, but 3 times, getting a new harp to play, or being with your gammy?

That's one reason I take pictures.  To help jog a memory, or simply have proof of my efforts.

Oh, and Pearl, great accessory today.


  1. Katy, I don't think you will have to worry about that girl enjoying life or seeing the joys all around her! The do not's just keep her on the right track! Love the butterfly!

  2. I feel the same way (surprise surprise) I am always saying "no" or "don't" I guess mom is right, they will always enjoy life and that is part of our job, but the big part is to steet them in the right direction "away" from the "don'ts".

  3. The other day Calvin said "Holy crap" and told me he learned it from mommy. Huh. I wonder why he can't learn my good habits like doing laundry and dishes. I think they teach us to be good just as much (or more) as we teach them.


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