17 September 2007

This lone leaf is our very first hint that fall is waiting in the wings. We warmly welcome her, knowing she will bring tamed temperatures in her skirts. So, she brings change. Halloween comes next: a queen, a cat, and a stinky(?) witch. Now it's a matter of gathering and making costume pieces. This will be our first Halloween here--bittersweet that Halloween was one of the last "things" we did before coming here to test the waters, returning only to say a brief good-bye and leave our first house.

Halloween 2006--Yes, we grew those watermelon
Our first yard, where we spent countless hours sweating and toiling to beautify our humble surroundings. Ryan and I would put the girls to bed and, though we could hear them outside their windows, they were safe and contained. We would then enjoy one another's company as we weeded, mowed, planted, dug, pruned, and modified the earth around our home. Now the current owners are enjoying bulbs we planted and countless flowers that we sowed, ones that we were sure we would be delighting in. I am saddened, and perhaps only because it was our first house. I wonder if everyone has a certain fondness, no matter what it looked like, for their first. This is now our home. My efforts have gone to the inside of the home, though. We are enjoying it now. We are happy because we are together, and we will always make a home wherever we may go.


  1. Of course, I have homes on the mind. I think you leave a certain spirit in a home when you leave. And I am sure all those blossom and blooms will be a reminder!

  2. I even wax sentimental about the places we've rented! I CAN'T WAIT until we OWN our OWN!! Love those pictures. I'm sure you miss that wonderful yard you created in Texas (I here NC is great for growing things!)

  3. It's true. I've learned your home is where your family is.

  4. Katy, I read your profile about your favorite movie. We just watched that movie a couple of weeks ago. I love that part too! So, what do you consider to be your chair?

  5. Well, Ann, isn't that for Ryan to figure out? :)

    Perhaps my chairs are the small things I do around the house to make it our home. Ryan is very good about noticing them.

    What are yours?


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