13 September 2007

Katy, Jordan, Ashley

Olive, Pearl, Divine

It's funny how life has a way of repeating itself. I find myself sounding exactly like my mom some days and taking photos just like my dad.

Divine is very much in charge of the proceedings around here, just as Ashley always was. Jordan and Pearl like to be heard and seen and are always deeply affected by everything. Olive and I are number threes. We do like a certain amount of attention, but usually find contentment in other to-ing and fro-ings. The three of us and the three of them are a sumptuous salad assortment.


  1. Oh Katy! How cute! I loved your prego belly!

  2. Oh man! You took me back. It seems like yesterday. Aren't we both blessed!

  3. I really think there is something to birth order...and, you're right, the variety makes for a tasty combo!! What a fun picture, i may steal it for my blog!!

  4. Ann, what can I say? I guess I didn't wait 45 minutes before I jumped in!

    Mom, we are blessed. Olive also swims like I did--just flailing her limbs, going nowhere in particular.


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