22 August 2007

Bananas Foster

When I went to Paris on semester abroad, my French mom would make this almost every night for dessert. It's very easy and very pleasing to eat. She must have used a different kind of rum, though, because as you can see, there wasn't a great big burst of flame like she always managed to wow us with. In fact, we could hardly tell anything was on fire. But, I must say, it certainly wasn't a disappointment to eat. We did add rum (which you burn off the alcohol, leaving the flavor), but we didn't do the banana liqueur. Serve it with some vanilla bean ice cream and you are in for a treat. Oh, here's the recipe.


  1. You guys are always "boozin'" it over there! Just kidding! I LOVE this dessert. We had is very often in New Orleans--it must be the french/creole influence there. Yum, will try!

  2. I tried making this once too a little bit ago. I was dissappointed but the small flame too. But it is a really yummy dish!

  3. We try not to do to much boozin' but, well, how else could we make such yummy vanilla extract?


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