21 August 2007

Happy Number Six to Number One!

Divine was a name we didn't have to discuss when I first learned I was pregnant. Ryan suggested it and I didn't hesitate to agree. Are we presumptuous? Perhaps. I believe, however, that expectations are usually met. We have always believed that she was and will be an extraordinary individual. If we expect her to be and do great things, isn't she more apt to achieve than if we have low or no expectations? I know all parents have great expectations of their children, but we have tried to name our children so they will have a symbolic reminder with them. Divine does not miss a thing. She understands nuances, glances, and tones of voices far beyond her years. She is sensitive to more than just the tangible. This makes parenting her difficult and rewarding all at once. I'm sure she will surpass my knowledge and ability to teach her more quickly than I'd like, but I have no doubts she will achieve great things.
Note the heart-shaped hash brown

Me: (On our drive, just the two of us, taking her to school) Divine, what would you like for your birthday dinner?

Divine: (No thinking necessary) I want celery with peanut butter and chocolate chips on it and hash browns in the shape of a heart.

Me: Is that it?

Divine: (Thinking now) Oh, and some oranges.

Divine: And water.

It's probably the simplest and easiest birthday dinner I'll ever make. She was pleased and didn't feel the need to eat any of the other "supplemental" foods I added to the meal. Just her ants-on-a-log celery, hash browns, and oranges. As for her cake, well, that's where I had my fun. I thought it would serve as a nice reminder of how we spent this relaxing summer.

So, everyone wonders, do we eat the other half of the cake today for Olive's birthday? No. Nor will we ever, until both Divine and Olive request one all encompassing celebration instead of two individual. Today is our RED birthday to celebrate Olive's three years...carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

The last photo is a tribute to my dad, for all the floor shots with the birthday cake on the birthday child's chest he snapped.


  1. She IS DIVINE at 6 and at every age.
    Katy, very impressed not only with the aerial view of the kids and cake, but with the ocean and beach venue with cookie benches, and white foam on the ocean and inner tubes and kids lounging in and out of the water! Well done cake decorator!
    Love you lots,

  2. You are a great mom Katy! Happy birthday to Divine and Olive!


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