22 August 2007

Happy Number Three to Number Three!

It's been a month of numbers for us! As Jordan says about Lucy, Olive has no serious bones in her little three-year-old body. She lives life better than most people I know. She thinks most everything is funny. Which, really, is how adults ought to view life. Putting frosting in one's hair is funny. Spilling one's beverage at every meal is funny. Stirring cake batter and flipping it all over is funny. And dangling a plastic frog out of one's mouth after licking the frosting off is certainly funny. She teaches me to not take myself (and my kids) so seriously--a very good thing to learn when raising a bunch of monkeys. Happy Birthday Oboe!


  1. I love that about Olive too! She has the greatest laugh. Fun cake Katy!

  2. You are such a great mom Katy. I love that you celebrate each birthday separately and eat celery with peanut butter and chocolate chips for dinner. Yummy!

  3. The frog thing is pretty funny.
    I love the cake! Wonderful job and Happy Birthday, #3! (aka Olive)

  4. Olive and her #3 cake are cuties! I miss Olive and sharing the cake with you all. Hope to be closer one day soon!

  5. I think we should get us some of those animal print chairs, what do you think? :)


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