08 July 2007

I have a new cousin!

Grandma & Grandpa Knudsen

Cousins Natali & Brenda, and me, doing a practice emergency drill

Getting corn rows on the Bahamas

Natali's daughter, Mabry, dancing with Divine at Ann's Wedding

Divine pulled her "friend" over to me and announced she had a new cousin. I was delighted to tell her that Mabry's mom is my cousin and that we played together when we were little. My cousins are not just relatives, they truly are my friends. I count them my friends and give credit to my dad's parents who used their monetary means to make memories and allow the cousins to become acquainted. When I was in Junior High, they took ALL of us on a cruise to the Bahamas. Brenda, Natali and I were best buddies, and partook of the midnight buffets together, ordered room service of hot chocolate and croissants, and had our hair braided in corn rows on the beach by natives. I hope Divine, Pearl, Olive, and Azure will count their cousins among the best of friends.


  1. Cousins are fun aren't they? We are lucky to have lots of cousins all around us and although some of them beat Calvin up, he still adores them.

  2. Oh, Katy...I can't believe you have those cruise pictures still handy and even on the computer now! You are truly an inspiration for a lot of things but especially for your example of keeping history and savoring memories! Divine and Maybrie were truly kindred spirits right from their introductions...it delighted me so much, probably stemming from my memories of getting together with cousins being such a magical friendship connection.

    I love catching up on your blog every so often....it brings me joy and reminds me of the good things to savor in life! Thanks, Love you.


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