11 July 2007

Goodbye Mr. Dill...

The morning view

What I found on my morning walk

Ooh! Isn't he good looking? Lucky me! Sadly, though, he has left for a few days and, ironically, to go to Salt Lake, from which we just returned. I am sad for his departure. Who will catch my dry sense of humor while he is away? I will wait for the moment he returns to me so we can take early morning walks along the sticky sand together, as my hair takes on a new life of wild and crazy tendencies for the next couple of months. His mom has come to soak up our famous Florida rays while residing in a most lovely condominium along the beach. We are fortunate enough to share in this calm atmosphere of waves lapping the sand. So, I await your return, dear husband, to enjoy God's beauty with my best friend.


  1. You have a beautiful morning view. It would be nice to wake up to a gorgeous sunrise and a walk on the beach with the love of your life, it must make the rest of your day that much more enchanting.

  2. I just dropped Jacob off at the airport this morning to go to the Netherlands. I can feel your pain.

  3. Oh, Megan, it is hard to have your best friend leave. I'm sorry yours is gone much longer! I'm glad you have both your family and mine around for company.

  4. Those beach shots look sooooo inviting!!

  5. I'm back and was so happy to be with my choosen. It was a great thing to come to my happy family. I adore them emensily.


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