13 July 2007

I Don't Cook Saturdays

Well, this is what I say to Ryan (which I think is what my mom used to say), but, in reality, I do, because he usually spends his Saturdays working hard in the yard. So, I like to fill his belly with something good. This is not just any grilled cheese sandwich. I buy this garlic swirled bread from Costco, usually still warm, and serve it, topped with some fresh Dublin cheese, drizzled olive oil and broiled for dinner the same night. The next day I make these. I add some tomatoes and some oregano. Add some peppered turkey for a bit more protein. It's yum.


  1. Mmmm, yes yum! Making my tummy rumble after a dinner of...what, you ask? Two otter pops.

  2. Looks delicious Katy! We should swap some recipes. I also say I don't cook on Saturdays but often end up doing just that.

    How can Jordan stop at just two otter pops? I've been know to eat five and whatever the kids don't finish. I'm not proud.


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