17 July 2007

I find myself, many nights, as I try to fall asleep, mulling over the day's events and regretting the harsh words, rash actions, and flared temper. As I was walking on the beach the other morning, I noticed how all the footprints of the previous day had been smoothed by the night's high tide, and the beauty of an untouched shore was present once again. I thought of how the Savior's atonement does that for our souls. Our regretted acts can be "smoothed" if we are willing to use the atonement. I am grateful for each of those atoning waves that wash and smooth my misdeeds, and the opportunity of trying to become a better wife, a better mom, and a better person.


  1. My sentiments EXACTLY. Though I can't imagine your words ever getting very harsh.

    I am in love with these pictures and it makes me want to be there. I am trying to make it work, we'll see.

  2. If I know you, (and I do), if it is at all possible, you'll make it happen.

  3. That is what the atonement is all about--for us right now, not in the future. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Katy, your photos are as beautiful as are your thoughts on the atonement.
    Love you lots!

  5. excellent photos, katy. you are getting quite good at capturing perfect moments. your children will be so grateful for the 'documentary' of their beautiful lives and you will be so glad you took the time and effort too.
    regarding smooth beaches, i too am so glad for new beginnings (especially after days like yesterday) and I'm thinking we ought to give our kids extra recognition for ALLOWING waves to erase so many of our hiccups. adults tend to live thier lives with so much less grace...

  6. Yes, Jennifer, our kids do need credit for forgiving and loving us, as parents, with all our faults.


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