19 July 2007

A Tribute

This is Ryan's grandma, Belva. We were able to visit this beautiful woman just a few weeks ago. She was very lucid, chatting with each of us, telling us over and over how beautiful our girls are. She passed away Tuesday night, at the age of 98. Living, creating, teaching, mothering, serving, worshipping, and loving her dear ones for every one of those years. We are happy you are in a better place now. We love you, Belva.


  1. I love her name, Belva. I think she and Olive have a similar look--you can certainly tell they are related. I'm so glad you guys got to see her before she passed away. is Ryan goin out for the funeral?

  2. No, work and money won't permit Ryan to go, and he's just glad he saw her "well" so recently.

  3. Oh my sweet, sweet children. How we thank you for your kindness and love for our mother.

    Your family.


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