07 July 2007

Chick Inn

No doubt you'll never see another chicken coop like this one. This is Grompa's chicken coup. They eat like queens--homemade cheddar-poppy seed crackers, lemons, artisan bread, and a bit over-ripe fruit. They don't fail to impress with their eggs--pale green being the most unusual. I loved sharing the magic of holding a warm egg, freshly stolen from beneath the patient hen with my daughter. This is just a tiny part of the irresistible draw of my parents home up on the foot hills of Provo. Everywhere you look is something interesting, exciting, charming, unusual, and creative. Growing up this way, I didn't appreciate or always recognize it. It is always pure joy to watch my children discover the world at gromma and grompa's.


  1. Thanks for sharing the coop and chickens with the little chicks.

  2. What a treasure to have pictures of D gathering those toasty colored eggs. Yes, certainly charming.


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