06 July 2007


My baby sister was married Saturday. How can this be? I was the one that walked her to kindergarten every day, as I was the "big" fifth grader. Ann and I shared a room for years, and she'll tell you stories of how I would open the closet and proclaim what a tidy person I was and then turn my head to look at her side of the closet with a raised brow. I did do some nice things for her, I'm sure. She is our "Family Communication Specialist" aka, the one who expresses her feelings. We're grateful for that. Jordan is our "Family PR Coordinator". She is the best at keeping in touch with everyone--our family glue. Ashley is the "Special Events Collaborator". She held the family dinner the first night we were there. I asked her if she was glad it was over at the end of the night, and true to Ashley-form, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "no". I'm grateful for these wonderful women.


  1. you are lucky to have such wonderful sisters - and the sort of bond you have with them. do you see each other often?

    makes me miss my sisters-in-law. we are close too (though not geographically)

    the wedding must have been lovely. i think green and white make for perfect colors. just went to a wedding where the bride, named ivy, chose a bouquet of ivy only. her dress was simple and elegant and she had one single white lily in her hair. everyone else wore accents of green. gorgeous.

    enjoy your sisters!

  2. ps.
    how come ann doesn't have a blog???

  3. We don't see each other often--Jordan's in AZ and Ashley and Ann in UT. Ann said (as we stayed up until 3 am the morning of her wedding day sewing on her dress) that she was indeed going to start a blog when she got back....


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