25 June 2007

Fireplace Fix

We'd like to take credit for this beautiful transformation, but it was all Pete. Pete is our new Mr. Fixit, and almost a member of the family. Pearl and Divine write him notes and draw him pictures about what a hard worker he is. We like Pete. He took our ideas of a glamorous fireplace and made them a reality. It took many days, but thanks, Pete. Oh, and Ashley, our mantle is ready for your artwork...


  1. WOW! It's even more wonderful than what I imagined. Love it.


  2. That looks great! Good work, Pete and good idea, Dills!

  3. Love the green glass fireplace.
    Where did you find Pete?

  4. Pete did the "shoe molding" around our floors and I've since had him do a few other things around the house. A bit of a Renaissance man indeed!

  5. Such a bonus to have found a mr. fixit! Are you SURE your only staying "a few years"?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the shimmering emerald fireplace. Will you use it much in the winter? We have a fireplace, too--what the?!

  6. Oh, I doubt we'll use it too much...but at least it's pretty, right? Form over function 'round here!


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