25 June 2007

Culinary Reflections

My sister, Jordan, of late has discussed how she has been trying (and succeeding, I might add) in nourishing herself better. Caring for others who are so dependent, takes much out of a person, and sadly, I often neglect my own well-being when it comes to healthy eating during the day. I've also noticed a trend in the way I cook--what will the kids eat without putting up too much of a fight? So, I am resolving to find a better balance in feeding myself with more thought and feeding my family with more diversity. So, we had cheese souffles. You might be wondering...a 5, 4, and 2 year old eating a cheese souffle? Well, it was what I wanted. So, that's what we had. Divine took a nibble here and there, Pearl decided she would eat hers with a large dollop of ketchup, and Olive ate hers, sans condiments, whole-heartedly. I was pleased, not only that they were willing to try something new, but that I was willing to take the chance that I would throw out a whole batch of souffles due to lack of interest.


  1. Wow, those turned out great! Did they taste good too? I am sure they are as delicious as they look!

  2. oooh - liked this blog very much. great photo of A. great title. good subject.
    i'm in the process of reclaiming aspects of my life too.

  3. Hi Katy,
    Your cheese souffles looked yum!
    Recipe please!

  4. Yummmmmmmy! Will these work at the

    Aunt Dorothy and I will love them, I know. BUT if they are tons or work, we musn't spoil our vacation.

  5. Dad, I'll bring the recipe to PU.

    Claudette, I love a culinary audience, so we shall have these at the beach!

  6. Oooh, I almost can't bear the thought of any of those souffles thrown out! I wish I could have come over! Yu-um!


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