28 June 2007

Preach My Gospel

To devote your life at age 19 or 21 for 2 or 1 1/2 years to serve others and the Lord is no small feat. It's a time when most young adults are rather self-absorbed. (I would know!) We love all missionaries, but these few serving in the Jacksonville area are exceptional. A very fine group of young men indeed. We enjoy their company for dinner, the likes of which you will find nowhere else. My dad and every one of my siblings served a mission--Tongan Islands, Taiwan, Russia, Guatemala, Portugal, and Ecuador. I had my call to Portugal, also, but decided to marry a most wonderful man instead (who served in Japan), and sent my little brother to serve the people of Portugal. I do not, of course, regret my decision. I do, however, tell Ryan he owes me a mission, to which he replies he will most happily give me one day.


  1. You're a saint to feed such a crowd! What did you fix?

  2. That was me, Jordan logged on as Kurt.


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