07 May 2007

Cherry Jello's RE-debut

This was moments before three helpings of cherry jello bespeckled with blueberries RE-appeared. That's how much this little loves fun. Spinning her around and around and around and around and around was what she wanted. After the throw-up incident was cleaned, a new tutu was found, outside she went once more to squeeze in some more fun before bed. This girl doesn't have a serious bone in her body...and I love it.


  1. This is hilarious!! She and Lucy seriously need to hang out. What a great shot. Glad you're "up and running".

  2. i LOVE this picture! It would be up on my wall in short order. and in case she ever starts whining about never having any fun, it'll be great for you to slap down that picture and ask her to reconsider her postition on the subject.
    thats on my mind, because no matter what i take ethan to do, he never has any fun - or so he would like me to believe.
    good to have you back. had missed you. checked everyday for new posting and ... nothing ... sigh...

  3. Yes, we were internetless for over a week....yes.....sigh....


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