08 May 2007

The Safari

Upon finding this creature, Divine, "I have always wanted a pet!"
Upon receiving a jar with holes poked at the top from her mother, Divine, "I didn't know you knew how to do that! You're a genius!"
Upon finding the jar the next day filled with a mysterious black substance, Divine, "I don't want a pet that has stinky poo-poo."
Upon returning from outside with the caterpillar, Divine, "There, I gave her two baths."
Upon letting her pet roam around the kitchen, Divine, "I lost Ariel! Olive, did you take her?" (We all check the bottoms of our shoes.)


  1. The girls look "hatty", Claudette looks haggard, and the new pet looks unsmooshed, I hope? Great capture of Divine's dialogue.

  2. I love your floors. And where did you get that great blue and yellow chair????? Katy, come on, you've got to keep me updated with these tidbits!!

  3. I'm pleased with the floors--they look like real wood at least. That chair came from Ryan's grandma. It's the only thing he really wanted when they were selling her condo because he remembers sitting in it in her bedroom when he was a little boy, so it's fun to have. It has raised velvet in green and blue.


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