27 April 2007

Birthday Boy Ben

Among the first to hold our fourth child, Ben is the baby of my siblings and quite possibly the kindest soul you'll meet. Unassuming and laid back, it is a joy to simply be in his presence. Most claim that the baby of the family is spoiled. Whether or not this is true in his case, one would never know by meeting Ben. Making it more of a pleasure to be around Ben are his culinary skillz. Even before he could read, he would climb on the counter, open the spice cupboard to smell which jar had the scent he desired to be in his creation. It comes naturally to him, as do many things. People flock to him because he emanates humility, charity, and he's just a funny guy. Happy Birthday, Ben.


  1. What a lucky Azure! Great tribute! We had much of the same to say in our posts today.

  2. We celebrated Ben's birthday by going to California Pizza Kitchen after Ben got off work. Then Ben stuck with us in the mall while Ann got a skirt and jacket, I got a merino wool sweater at Gap for 14.97 and he got a sweater and some bright striped socks. Then he went and played soccer with friends and left his car at Burger Supreme only to return after 1:00am to find his car towed and he had to pay 120. to get it back--bad end to a good day.


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