15 April 2007

Spring Sunday Stroll

D, P, and O enjoying our windy weather.
Divine is composing her own stories of late labeling them "front" and "back".
We almost lost Pearl due to a large gust.
She being our inquisitive one wonders what lizards are made out of.
Atop our shoulders, Olive yells over to Pearl, "I love you!"
Azure sings a high E because she can.


  1. We've had our fair share of blustery weather here, too. Would LOVE to hear one of D's stories. Glad P was not lost. What ARE lizards made out of? And won't Azure sing me to sleep tonight? Oh, yeah, and "I love Olive".

  2. Yes, me too. I want to hear Divine's stories. Please have her call me immediately and tell me every last one! Love you!


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