13 April 2007

Runaway Attempt

Who knew that a missing window screen could provide such entertainment? They sat this way for quite some time, finding "treasures" galore (mostly trash). Notice the dog, trying peer through the forest of legs. Another cheap entertainment today--Divine found a dead, crispy worm at the pool today, named her Sagwa. She gave her a bath and pet her until it was time to go inside. Aren't the simple joys of childhood are refreshing to observe?


  1. What a great picture! You really don't need toys--just an open window!

  2. Sagwa!!! Where did she dig up that name? Maybe the same place the worm came from. That picture is so great, katy!!

  3. What a blessing this computer age is, and another that at my age I can actually use it.

    How wonderful to have girls in my life of only men. I miss little Pearl on tiptoe wanting to whisper something in my ear. Olive changing clothes only to model with hands out asking "whatya think?" Azure's high C squeal for attention and Divine's precious love notes left for me in purse and luggage.

    Thank you again, my darling son for choosing such a wonderful daughter for me.

    Love you all so much. Katy, thank you, thank you.



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