17 April 2007

Horse Hay-Day

She's her grandma's granddaughter for certain. She has at least a couple dozen horses--some that float in the water (some that don't), some that move their heads, some that can't stand alone, but she loves them all. We decorate them with pipe cleaners, ribbons and foam saddles--they receive a most royal treatment. I loved this shot of them gathered 'round the feeding trough.


  1. i had no idea that horses enjoyed pretzles so much - and clearly they do. look at them swarm.
    this is a great little journal to keep. i wonder, can you print it all out?

  2. I believe your little one would get along perfectly with my horse loving 3 1/2 year old girl. She too enjoys feeding pretzels to her ponies while making good conversation with them. We must set up a meeting sometime soon for our families since we live so close...

  3. I love the pretend play...we are just barely getting into it.

  4. Ingrid, Pearl's 4, perfect ages!

  5. Katy,
    Ethan thinks Pearl looks like Lucy from Narnia.

  6. Katy!
    Ashley will be 4 in July! Perfect ages for sure!


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