30 November 2015

The Best Mom Gift EVER--Circle™

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this device I'm sharing with you today! Parenting in this technology-ridden age is difficult.  We are wading through uncharted territory as far as knowing what to do when it comes to kids and the internet.  I can't think back to my childhood and remember how my parents handled it...because they didn't.  We've yet to allow any of our kids to get phones, but we are still dealing with ipods, ipads, and computers.  How can one person (or two) manage every single action that is done online in their household?  We keep the family computer in the kitchen for safety and manageability reasons, but what about those other portable little devices?  They slip easily in a pocket and don't have a leash. ;)
In comes Circle™ with Disney.  It's a single device that manages all the internet goings-on.  I'd be hard pressed to choose a single favorite function, but if I could choose two, one would be that you can give each device a wake-up and bed time.  Awesome, right?!  No matter where the device is in the house it will shut down at the specified time and stay shut off until the morning.  My second favorite function is that you can PAUSE THE INTERNET!  That's right.  It's like when my dad would turn the TV off to get us to come to dinner, except better!  It will pause what everyone is doing so you can enjoy family time without the pull of the computer games, apps, and everything else online. You can watch the video about it here.
You can also keep tabs on the amount of time your child is spending on each app or game, to which Olive responds, "uh-oh!" ;) I also love that you can set age limits for each person to keep them from stumbling upon things they shouldn't.  One less thing to worry about, yes please.
Isn't it cute?  For today only, you can get Circle™ for $85 instead of $99 right here.  I get a portion of the sales through my link, but I would share this even if I didn't, because this is a mother's dream.  $85 is a pretty inexpensive price tag for peace of mind as far as the internet goes.  So, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and all the holidays to you.


  1. Katy! Thanks for the heads up on this. I've been looking at a couple of different devices of this type but never ran across this one. I'm so excited about it's features, and the potential for the less worry about what Max is doing online. SUPER COOL!


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