20 February 2014

Sew All 26: T ||Delia Creates||

 I might have a fine layer of "key lime" green all over my body, but I've painted 11 pots, 2 chairs and a table.  Just a few more things to go.  I have to get more spray paint at a different store because I bought them out at the one by me.  Hopefully nobody else was hoping to use key lime.  I love spray paint weather!  It gets too hot in the middle of the summer, so spring and fall is when all the painting and gardening happens around here.  Summer is for sewing, right? ;)
Delia of Delia Creates is a doll.  I wish I could have her as my neighbor.  She's who I would want to draw my name if we were doing a gift exchange ;).  She's here with a whole lot of T (15, I believe, if I counted correctly!)  Go find out what all her tricks are here. Totally terrific, thousands of thanks, Delia!

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  1. Aw. Thanks Katy for the terribly thoughtful introduction. ;)


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