29 January 2014

Sew All 26: Q ||Make It & Love It||

Before we get straight to my guest today, I need to announce the two winners of the Clever Charlotte patterns:

Mia who said: My daughter announced yesterday that she wants a baby brother named Pine Bread and Wine.

Julie who said: singing a song to my daughter as she is going to sleep, I hear my other child from the other room call out "boooor-ing!!"

Haha! Those are both hilarious. Congrats, ladies! Shoot me an email so we can get you sewing your own Clever Charlotte creations!
Today's guest is queen of DIY quick and easy, but keeping it classy in the process.  That's right, Ashley of Make It & Love It is here today and she's got a tutorial for you!  Love the black/white, the star, and I'm guessing her little one is loving that pop of pink! Perfect for a summer dress or add some layers for winter. Go take a look!

Also, I've added the link-up to the O post for those of you who are sewing along (hooray and good job!) 

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