22 January 2014

Hearts in Stars!

Are you looking at all the photos of Alt Summit on instagram and wishing you were there, too?
It feels like all the friends I've never met (in person, of course) are at a giant girl's night out without me. Except it's the whole weekend.
I might be sulking just a bit. That's why I have some good news tonight, for those of us at home, reading blogs. I've been looking at my parents' Valentine stars (at their etsy store). They are always coming up with something new, and they've outdone themselves in honor of love! I think cupid might hit your heart with his arrow as you take peek at all the goodies they have.
They've got kisses, doilies, hearts, and cherry blossoms! (And I won't tell if you decide to keep them up year round because you fall in love.)  They are offering everyone 20% off!  Just enter code: LOVE2014 when you check out.  It's good through Saturday, January 25th.
And it gets better.  They are making ARROWS NOW!  I think I need a dozen of these in orange (because they'll make any color you want!)  Or black and white.  Wouldn't that be dynamite?


  1. Oh my goodness. I JUST looked at my husband with extended bottom lip and puppy dog eyes and said that I reaaaally wanted to go to Alt Summit.
    Glad I am in good company, Katy:)
    Your parents are amazing! I LOVE those arrows!

  2. Yes, I'm feeling like I missed the boat again too! Wish we all lived closer so we could plan a get-together.

  3. Thanks Katy for the shout-out!
    To sweeten the deal on our Valentine's stars, we include a heart-shaped Peppermint patty with every order....

  4. I'm a regular reader and although I don't comment much, I love your blog. I just HAD to say thanks for mentioning that you felt a LITTLE left out about not going to ALT Summit--glad I'm not the only one. :) And the V.day stuff looks super fun, btw!

  5. Love, love. love the arrow! Way to go Piggy & Dirt!

  6. I love seeing the business cards, etc for Alt, but I really don't wish I were there! I feel like it's not my scene- as I'm not very fashionable or hip. I'd probably be a fish out of water! I hope you get to go sometime, though, I bet you'd have some killer outfits to wear!


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