13 November 2013

Sew All 26: K ||Little Kids Grow||

I know the sewing world is heavy on the girl's side of things and it didn't really bother me...until I had Drummer, of course! ;)  I find with boy sewing I have to be more careful and subtle with details than I do for girls.  It's more of a delicate dance than sewing for girls, which I think is why there is less out there for boys,
but Shannon tackled a boy project for today's guest post!  She comes to us from Little Kids Grow, and you'll want to hop over there after you see the sneak peek of what she's come up with for K week:

Thanks, Shannon! And as a reminder, if you have projects that you've completed for past weeks, the links are still open, so continue adding your Sew All 26 works of art!

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